Videography vs Cinematography : Is there a difference?

This is a common question.

Are we videographers or are we cinematographers??


History Matters

Well, that's both an easy question and a not so easy question. With the technical and historic meaning for each word, we are neither, but with the modern usage, we are both.

A videographer was historically someone who worked with video and not film. Let's add some more confusion! Film can refer to both still photos taken on film (as opposed to digital) and to video taken on film and not digitally, so video was the digital format. And that means, because we use digital we are videographers. Videographers historically worked on small crews and actually operated the camera.

A Cinematographer historically was part of a very large crew and actually doesn't operate the camera. A cinematographer is akin to a director of photography for a motion picture. They are in charge of the artistic direction rather than the camera. They would have camera operators working beneath them.


But Cinematographer sounds so much better!

We know, we know! Videography got a bad rap when wedding videos were first becoming popular because the first digital cameras available on a more consumer level just weren't as good. (Think old family videos here.) Cinematography on the other hand makes people think of movies they see in the theater, which have much higher production values than a home video.


We don't mind - call us what you want!

Spell-check doesn't even think that videographer is a word!

We actually think that maybe a new word is in order, since neither of the old words really suits what we do. And what is that, you ask?

We create a beautiful motion picture of your wedding day that showcases the emotion and magic of a wedding day.

We know that the day goes by in a blur (we've been there!) and be believe that having both still photos and video are the best way to preserve those memories.

We work together as a team to get you the best coverage we can. Since we're married, we work together well, and don't need to spend time deliberating about the best way to work together like is often the case when working with someone unfamiliar.


Have any questions?

Just let us know if you're still confused on the difference between videography (videographer) and cinematography (cinematographer).


Love always,

Laurel & Paul